Statement from the

Chief of Police

Thank you for visiting our website. We receive constant contact from people who are curious about how to become a police officer and what characteristics we look for in a possible job candidate. Our website has areas that deal with those issues but I want you to know what's expected from you if you join the Sherwood Police Department. Once a Sherwood Police Officer you MUST:

Obey the law and enforce the laws of our City and State while upholding the constitution of our great nation; give your best efforts to those in need of your willingness to serve them through your own sworn oath of honesty, bravery, trustworthiness, and unsullied character; not just possess the ability to enforce the law, but to be able to do so justly and without malice; be willing to sacrifice your own personal desires and comforts so that you will be ready at anytime to act swiftly in the line of duty; never act in any manner that gives credence to those whom are determined to cast doubt upon our profession, but instead, carry on the traditions of our respected brothers and sisters of law enforcement...Serve With Honor and Protect With Courage.

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement with the Sherwood Police Department, please contact our Professional Standards Branch at

Chief Jim Bedwell