Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division consists of a Sergeant, who supervises five detectives and a clerk. The Branch is responsible for the investigation of all crimes that occur in the city of Sherwood.  Recently added to the division was an intelligence officer. He maintains data and information on crimes and known criminal elements. He ensures the sharing of this information among all divisions and assists other units wherever and whenever needed.

Report suspicious activities, forward "tips" and information about criminal activities and wanted persons. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 501-834-8799 Fax-501-392-0086

Investigations Commander
Captain Jeff Hagar

Investigations Supervisor
Lieutenant Michael Payne

Investigations Sergeants
Sergeant John Scott
Sergeant Scott Hicks

Investigations Secretary
Carol Bowen
Carilyn Monroe

Frank Spence
Craig Grisham
Drew Edwards
Kisha Slayton
Tim Norvell
Terrence Collins

Intelligence Officer
Sergeant Keith Wilson