1.Must be a U.S. citizen.

2.Must be at least 20 years of age to apply (21 prior to appointment) and no more than 50 years of age.

3.Not been convicted of any felonies or Domestic Batteries.

4. High School Diploma or equivelant (college preferred).

5.Be of good moral character.

6.Pass civil service examination.


Conditional Hire

If you meet the above criteria, depending upon positions available and your scoring ,you may be pre-interviewed by professional standards and they will conduct a thorough background check.

If at the conclusion of the background check no derrogatory information is obtained, you will be referred to the Chief's office for a face to face interview with the Chief of Police and other ranking officers of the department.

If you pass that phase of the process you will be offered a "conditional hire".

You will then be required to submit to a thorough physical and psychological examination, a polygraph examination and urinalysis.

If all the above are completed satisfactorily you will then be hired on a probationary status. You will ride with officer/s until you are sent to the police academy. This probationary status is for one year. If your performance at any time during that year fails to meet departmental standards you may be terminated.

During that time you will attend the police academy in Camden, Arkansas which currently is a twelve week course.

After successful completion of the academy you will ride with one or more FTOs (Field Training Officer) for a period no less than twelve weeks. During that time you will be taught local policies and procedures as well as patrol districts and become familiar with area streets and roadways.

Once you have successfully completed that phase, you will be assigned a vehicle and released to the patrol division for assignment.


Medical, Dental and Life Insurance for employee is provided free of charge by the city. Family plans are available at a reasonable cost to the employee.

The city will pay for college- tuition/books not to exceed fifteen credit hours per year.

Employees receive 160 hours of sick time per year (20 days) to be used for illness, not to exceed 720 hours (90 days).

Employees receive 120 hours of vacation time per year (15 days). Vacation increases with tenure up to 200 hours (25 days) per year. Vacation can be saved not to exceed 240 hours (30 days). Vacation exceeding 30 days must be used or sold prior to the end of the year.

Employees are paid in a lump sum for twelve holidays annually, usually the first week of December.

Employees that are Emergency Medical Technicians receive an additional $75.00 per month, First Responders receive $50.00 per month, usually paid in lump sum in December of each year.

Pay Scale Starting pay is determined by the Chief of Police, taking into consideration any special skills, training, education and experience.

DISPATCH DETENTION $27,643 $31,098 $34,554 $41,465
PATROL   $31,766 $35,737 $39,708 $47,649